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About Us

InterAd is a gamechanger. Different and out of the box. Not just out, like 10 miles away from the box. InterAd was created to change the advertising game from boring and yawn evoking to seamless interesting interactions. It give brands a different route to the hearts of their customers while attracting ones along the way.

Our Mission

InterAd was founded on an innovative, fun and engaging way of reaching customers. Our mission is to be one of Nigeria's leading brand in the advertising industry using our platform as a digital tool that facilitates an engaging experience with customers. We seek to encourage business growth and awareness, the cultivation of a customer-brand relationship and the kindling of sparks of customer interest into raging flames of die-hard loyalty.

Our Vision

Interad's vision is for situations whereby businesses are able to reach intended customers easily and as cheaply as possible. It bypasses conventional marketing methods that have no way of informing you of the intricacies of engagement which are really important. High number of views does not equal high conversion. Our platform is designed to help you take charge of your business by making better informed decisions based on detailed realtime reports.